Magic muffins

On Saturdays I like to bake. But I’m impatient, and I don’t like having to wait around for dough to prove or pastry to chill, so I’ve found the answer to my prayers in the muffin.

You can knock them up in a matter of minutes and they really lend themselves to seasonal variations. Today,  I went out to get the last of the blackberries (the vodka for Christmas is doing nicely, thank you), and I returned with about 500g.

I adapted Nigella’s blueberry recipe…300g of blackberries instead…then I added some lemon zest and a little grated apple…a spoonful of demerera on top and they were ready to go. Nigella puts sour cream and vegetable oil into hers…pear and ginger, apple and cinnamon….you name it, and it’s a great tip. They stay moist for days.

Twenty-five minutes later and the brambly mega muffins were ready to cool.  They were so good with a cup of Marks and Spencers Extra Strong tea.

What did I do with the other 200g? A mini kilner of more blackberry vodka, of course! I have a darling little empty bottle that will be just right to hold a quarter litre come December!

What’s next on my foraging list? Well, the elderberries are out soon and I have some new jam jars from Carraig Donn, so I’m going to make Paula McIntyre’s elderberry and port jelly from her fantastic cookbook A Kitchen Year