Try this place for lunch if you are nearish Belfast- McCartney’s of Moira

Try this place for lunch if you are nearish Belfast- McCartney's of Moira

Pop upstairs to the fabulous deli and munch on some of their Great Taste Supreme Champion corned beef- hashed, with a poached hen’s egg on top. Then pick up some award-winning sausages downstairs. My pregnancy fave was pork and banana, now it’s pork and marmalade. Weird, but they WORK.

Life’s too short to drink bad coffee

I don’t normally rant on this blog, but I just have to let off some steam. I was in a cafe in a Galway town the other day which had an Illy sign outside the door. I have had fairly decent coffee in there before. This time, when I asked for a short americano, the waitress brought back a huge mug of INSTANT coffee. I asked her where the americano was and she said the machine was gone. I looked at the counter to see an industrial-sized tin of Maxwell House!!!!! Seriously, get your act together. In this day and age, I EXPECT decent coffee in a place with an Illy sign. Don’t leave it up if you have decided to short-change customers with ersatz rubbish. Even a tin of Azera would have softened the blow. MUST do better.