I shouldn’t like them but I do…

I might think of myself as a woman with a sophisticated palate..something I’ve worked on developing for many years, but why is it that sometimes only the most low-brow, one dimensional convenience food will hit the spot? I’m talking chicken supernoodles (full-fat version, of course); ambrosia tinned rice and custard; potato waffles and birds eye fish finger sandwiches made with white plastic bread.
I think it’s the fact that I am a child of the 1970s; the golden era of the dinner and dessert in packets. I remember Sunday lunches being rounded off with Arctic Roll and bought flan cases filled with tinned fruit and Quick-Jel, accompanied by a cheeky drizzle of topped Carnation milk. My mother thought these desserts were much more sophisticated than the weekday apple crumbles and homemade custard she whipped up in a matter of minutes. Obviously it became ingrained somewhere in my young psyche that shop-bought was better than home-made, and even after decades of worshipping at the altar of local, seasonal and organic, sometimes I can’t deny the lure of the lurid.
This “appreciation” of the synthetic occasionally manifests itself as a craving; an itch that must be scratched..which is why tonight for dinner, it’s a Fray Bentos steak and kidney pie….can’t wait to taste that flabby bit of pastry immediately underneath the crust. I bet you want some now too…

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