I love the gloss

I may spend most of my days chasing hard news stories..interviewing people who often have just had traumatic news…trying to work out things like how representative are the National Transitional Council of Libya?, but come the evening or coffee time, or any kind of down time, you’ll find me with something glossy in hand…contented expression on my face as I peruse the pages that promise me all sorts of lovely things to covet, show me places I will want to visit and tempt me with photos of stunningly styled food.

I know I won’t be able to do all of them right now, or even in the next year, but they’ll be there on file..literally! Sad person that I am, and having finally realised I can’t hold on to every issue of Easy Living, Lonely Planet, Good Housekeeping, House Beautiful, She, Red, Elle, Woman and Home, Spanish HOLA!, Period Ideas, Country Living (getting the picture yet?) for ever, I tear out what I definitely want to do, visit, eat and file them in my pink paisley print ring binder (there are others, always from Paperchase). I find this especially useful for the weekend supplements. Stella and the Guardian magazine tearouts are many. Observer Food Monthly, though, has its own shelf.

You know what? I need a library! I just love the gloss!


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